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Recruiting | Nannies | Babysitters | Sydney | Blue Mountains | Dummies and Playdates | Blue Mountains Nannies

Recruiting – Nannies  – Babysitters – Sydney – Blue Mountains
Dummies and Playdates® and Blue Mountains Nannies.

Are always recruiting nannies babysitters across Sydney and the Blue Mountains

If you are feel you fit our profile of a professional nanny or babysitter.

Please email us a complete and current childcare – nanny resume outlining your past history in order including your documents you received while you have been working as a nanny.

Resume writing:

We have added a few links at the bottom of this page to help you write the perfect nanny resume and cover letter, so please take the time to look over at them this may help find the perfect placement you are looking at, so by taking a few minutes to read up on how to write your nanny resume and cover letter may help you in the future.

Sadly we receive resumes and have to search just to find a nannies experience and most often the resume we receive is a one size fits all that is not great if you are looking at going into the nanny industry. 

As we do have to forward your resume to our clients who are looking at hiring more permanent nannies so with this in mind please submit your nanny resume and all documents in a professional way via our email at

We will not accept any resumes or documents that have been texted or screen shot then email, all resume do need to be sent via email and of course printed and saved onto a Word Document of PDF and all resumes will need to be submitted with a passport sized current photo not a normal size but a passporst sized one as this will go on your resume of you can also help us out by attaching this pic to your current resume for us.

So please take a moment before you email us your resume to make sure it is nanny – childcare related resume without any other jobs or business attached that are not in the childcare industry such a i.e no bar tending or other industries we only want your childcare – nanny related work as your application may be overlooked for a resume that is only childcare related.


We do like to find professional nannies who have had at least 2 -3 years in the nanny industry as we find this suits our families.

If you are in the childcare industry sector not as a nanny but as a childcare worker then we would also like to hear from you.

We are open to not only professional nannies and babysitters but also to someone who is a mum or grandma.

We find mum’s and grandma’s have a wealth of training and can multi task.

They may not have been a paid professional nanny, but with this experience, we welcome them with open arms.

Or  you may just love working with children but haven’t had much experience.

But are happy to work as a mother’s help or just babysitting until you gain the experience you are looking for to become a professional nanny then we would also love to hear from you.

If you are interested in joining our agency please read through the following:

Agency – Nanny Terms and Conditions

Nanny – Agency Code of Conduct

Nanny – Agency Code of Practice


Nanny Information

Nanny Resume/Cover Letter writing links below:


If you have all your required documents then pop over to our online registration forms.

*Please Note*  

You will need to fill in all required fields marked with an *.

Once you have filled in all fields please check your form before submitting.

Press send and if you have missed a field it will show up in red.

You need to go back over your form and check all fields then press, submit again..

If you have filled in your form correctly it will submit.

Once we have received your forms we will then call or email you to book in an interview.

At your interview you will need to bring all documents and your resume as well as copies to be given to the agency.

If you have a problem please email us.

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