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Permanent Nannies Sydney | Dummies and Playdates Nanny and Babysitting Agency | Find A Nanny | Sydney | Blue Mountains

Permanent Nannies  – Sydney – Blue Mountains

Let Dummies and Playdates Nanny Agency and our sister agency Blue Mountains Nannies

Find a nanny for your family

Deposit Registration Fees
Now $100  this is to start your nanny registration process only.
We have reduced most of our fees throughout the agency.
From our deposit registration fee to our placement fees only.

All placements were charged on how many days only the client was needed,

but we found that this limiting to our clients as some wanted to be able

to add extra days if needed without having to contact the agency and then plus pay an extra cost of the new number of days needing.

So with this in mind we have listened to our clients are always trying to

help make finding a nanny easier and more affordable for families.

So we do understand that some families may only want one day a week or fortnight,

but later the may need more days so now its not a problem.

Permanent Nannies – Sydney – Blue Mountains

Placement Fees are only $800 (this excludes any gst of 10%)

*All Placement Fees are now a
One Off Fee of $800 (excludes gst) only, not on a slipping scale as before*.
Form is below

Once we receive your registration plus your registration deposit of $100.

We call you to have a chat and start your registration process of finding your nanny.

Agency placement fees are paid on your nanny placement and are due for payment within 7 business days,

after you have offered the agency and the nanny your job placement and on the nanny acceptance of your placement.

The agency will then invoice you for the total number of days required ( now one fee for

all placements no matter on how many days or hours your are needing), and hours plus the gst.

This invoice is due for payment before the start date of your nanny or if the start date is closer then the 7 days your invoice

will be due before the start date of your nanny.

Failure to pay all invoices on time without prier arrangements for payment may and will see a delay on your nanny

starting on your placement date and if our nanny has already started this may see the removal of the nanny until payment is made.

We are also happy to help out our clients with a payment plan to pay repayments weekly or monthly via a credit card or via a PayPal set up invoice –

only if you have called the agency to make these arrangements, then no surcharge or over due interest will be added onto these accounts.

If how you have not call to arrange these requirements then all overdue invoices not paid either before or on the due date,

will see surcharges and or overdue interest of 10% daily added onto your invoice and

then the final balance plus any accured overdue interest will also be due.

Remember we are also happy to set up any payment plans if needed –

call us to discuss any requirements that may help bring a nanny into your family and still be able to pay for this service.

Registration Form

  • Please enter a number greater than or equal to 0.
    Please fill in as best you can what type of placement position plus hours from below
    Please see below & tick the age range you feel would suit your family best. We can not put in a certain age but only age range sorry
    Please let us know if this is position is at your home or if it is at a different address then on your registration form such as your office
  • Please let us know here the address where the position will take place if different then your registration form home address.
  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
    Please tick what time during the day you need your nanny. Then please fill in section below for start time and finish time each days. And any extra babysitting that you may need.
  • Please fill in this section with your start and finish times including any extra times you need.
  • Children’s Health

    Please answer the questions below as best you can.
  • Qualifications & Certifications

    Qualifications & Certifications you require the nanny to posess.
    Please tick the rate of pay per hour you are happy to pay your nanny or nanny/housekeeper or housekeeper All nannies wages do start from $30 per hour upwards to an amount you are happy with paying the nanny, nanny/housekeeper or housekeeper only. Please do not offer a rate that is lower then the above rates
    Please tick in the following benefits you are happy to offer the nanny for your position. Does this position include the following
  • Complete Registration

  • Price: $ 100.00
  • Your Deposit Registration Fee of $100.00 excludes GST
    How did you hear about us
Permanent Nannies  – Sydney  – Blue Mountains
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