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Sydney Babysitters Nannies
Sydney Babysitters Nannies | Dummies and Playdates Nanny and Babysitting Agency | Find A Sydney Babysitter | Find A Nanny | Sydney

Sydney Babysitters Nannies | Dummies and Playdates Nanny and Babysitting Agency | Find A Sydney Babysitter | Find A Nanny | Sydney

At Dummies and Playdates®  Nanny and Babysitting Agency we can find you.

Sydney Babysitters Nannies across all areas of Sydney and beyond.

Call to book your nanny or babysitter with us.

We have a simply payment system that gives the client payment options.

Our search will start after we have received the Registration Deposit Fee by PayPal.

Once we have received your deposit, we are able to proceed with your placement and start your nanny search.

Payment can be done via PayPal.


The Registration Deposit Fee is $165 – GST 0f 10% has already been be added onto your fee.

Dummies and Playdates recommend Domestic Payroll Tax, for all families looking at paying the nanny but need help.

Find out more information on paying your nanny by visiting Domestic Payroll Tax.

Casual Bookings:

We have also made it super easy with our casual online booking forms

For parents looking at a one off booking only.

Need a babysitter for an wedding or corporate function – let us help you find a sitter for your next event.

Or are you needing a nanny to join your family to help make life easier.

Why not let Dummies and Playdate® find your perfect match, a nanny to become part of your family that your children will love

Call us to find out more or go to our online registration forms, so simply.

Once you have completed your form it will take you to our payment page.

Where you can pay via PayPal.

Or you may like to call us to help you through this process not a problem.

Contact us on 0412791528 or email and will we call you back asap.


Agency casual booking fees.
GST of 10% will now be added onto your fee.

$30.00 for all bookings made within 24 hours before start date and within normal business hours

Agency Fee Schedule

Casual Online Booking Form

Families Registration Forms

Granny Nannies Prices: 

All have a min of 4 hours per booking for all before/after school care.

If you wish to use one of our Granny Nannies for 4 hours or more they can also do a few other duties.

Babysitters, Nannies, Granny Nannies Prices: 

Wages start from $26 up to $40 per hour, this depends on the number and ages of the children, twins and newborns.

A min of 4 hours per shift.

Agency’s Booking Fee: 

Our booking fee is from $30 per one single booking per shift (1 day or evening is one booking) and is paid at time of booking to the agency either via credit card more details please click here or via your casual online booking form.

Once the booking fee is paid we will confirm your babysitter/nanny.

You then pay the babysitter/nanny  directly at the end of the booking or shift.

Nanny Share:

Families that want to share a babysitter or nanny you will need to contact the agency on 0412791528, or email.

Our rates for a nanny are varied, depending on factors such as age, number of children, number of days etc.

We can custom a price that suits you and your family, so please call the agency on 0412791528 to discuss your requirements.


Sydney Babysitters Nannies


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