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Nannies-Babysitters-Sydney-Nanny | Dummies and Playdates Nanny | Childcare | Sydney| Blue Mountains | Wollongong | Find A Nanny

Needing a Nanny – Babysitter
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Dummies and Playdates Nanny and Babysitting – Nannies – Babysitters – Sydney – Nanny

We’re here to make your life easier.

Professional nannies and babysitters throughout Metropolitan Sydney and beyond are here to help you with all your childcare and families needs.

Dummies and Playdates have wonderful nannies and babysitters throughout Sydney, Wollongong, Macarthur, North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Blue Mountains and in between.


Needing a nanny or babysitter but not to sure if we have nannies or babysitters in your area, no problem just give us a call to find out.

Call us on 0412791528 now to find out how you can book your nanny.

Nannies-Babysitters-Sydney – Online Forms

Or simply pop over to our online registration forms this form is for a more permanent nanny.

Or if you are just after a casual babysitter that’s just as easy with our online casual babysitting forms.

Once we have received your booking or registration forms with the required payment as per the booking we will call you to have a chat.

Long Daycare-Childcare is not always an option with daycare being not readily available when you need it the most.


Why not look at hiring a  nanny who will take care of your children while you work.

Do you often say We Need A Nanny or  Babysitter – Help

We at Dummies and Playdates Nanny and Babysitting Agency are able to find you a babysitter so can a have a night out.

Dummies and Playdates Nanny Agency will take the hard work out of interviewing a suitable Nanny.

Are you looking for a nanny to make your life run more smoothly.

Use a Nanny Agency that you can trust.

We have looked after thousands of children across Sydney.

And are used by local resorts and venues for guests who require a babysitter.

Are you spending the weekend in the Mountains and are looking for a babysitter to enjoy an evening out.

Don’t worry we can help find you that babysitter.

Nannies-Babysitters-Sydney-Nanny – Locations throughout Sydney and beyond
Blue Mountains – Blue Mountains Nannies

We have wonderful nannies and babysitters throughout Leura, Wentworth Falls, Katoomba and Springwood.

Are you staying  at the beautiful Fairmont Resort in Leura?? 

Then why not our lovely sitters help look at your little or big one while you head out for a romantic dinner for two or why not book a table more & let us take the hassle of looking after your children for you while you sit back and enjoy all that the Mountains has to offer.

We are preferred supplies to the Fairmont Resort in Leura but also a number of different hotels, events & motels in the area.

You can either book via our online booking forms or just head off to the front desk & ask them to book a sitter with us for you, its as easy as that or if you are not staying at that resort but still need a sitter they are always happy to pass our details & information onto to a guest staying or not with them.

Our main agency is Dummies and Playdates but we do have our sister agency in the Mountians for our local sitters call Blue Mountains Nannies

Our nannies and babysitters will come and make sure your little one is in bed while you enjoy a  wonderful dinner.

Just ask at the front desk for us they know who we are.

Our nannies and babysitters are regular visitors to the Fairmont Resort in Leura. 

We have became one of their preferred supplies of nannies and babysitters for their guests staying or holding corporate events or wedding functions for the last six years at the resort.


Dummies and Playdates can send out day nannies for you while you work.

Or are you looking for a night nanny to take the pressure off while you get the sleep you need.

Dummies and Playdates can help you here as well our professional nannies and babysitters are happy to stay overnight to look after your little one while you get that much needed sleep.

So you can function at work or home the next day.

Or are you needing a day nanny or casual babysitter, so you can attend a meeting or appointment or you just need that extra a pair of hands while you are home.

Give us a call and we will arrange that nanny or babysitter for you.

Dummies and Playdates Nanny Agency make hiring a babysitter or a nanny easy.

If you are already on our books then our clients will usually text us when they need a nanny or babysitter.

Or they will just pop over to our online casual babysitting booking forms, pay and that’s it.

Once we receive your booking fee and form we will arrange your sitter then let you know who they are before they arrive.

We  have  made  the process of hiring a babysitter so easy, we will  usually  reply within five minutes with the name of the sitter we have booked for you.

Sometimes it may take a bit longer it just depends on how fast the babysitters and nannies reply back to us.

We had one babysitting booking that took only three minutes to fill and reply back to our client.

The client was blown away by how quick we were.

But it usually takes us a bit longer then three minutes its around five to 30 minutes most times.

All you need to do is add our number 0412791528 into your phone, easy as one two three, why use an app when you can have Dummies and Playdates on speed dial.

Nanny or day care?

That is the question most parents ask themselves when looking for childcare for their little one.

If this is your question then read below:

Why choose a nanny over a day care centre.

The main reason parents choose a nanny agency is for the flexibility that a nanny can give over a centre.

A nanny will come to your home when it suits you not when it suits the day care centre.

You may be a shift worker.

Who has to leave very early in the morning or late in the evening outside the opening and closing times of a day care centre, who looks after your child then.

If you hire a nanny or babysitter you will be able to leave your child asleep in their own bed.

Where they are warm without having to wake them and you can head off to work with the knowledge that they are safe at home with someone caring for them.

No more rushing home to pick up your child from the day care centre before closing time.

No more having to pay the late fee of $2 a minute if you happen to get stuck in traffic.


No more headaches.

Instead you will be able to arrive home safely to find your child or children have been.

Feed, bathed and may even have been put into their own beds.

You may also find that you have a meal already cooked for you and the children’s washing may have been done and put away.

Making your evening a pleasant relaxing time instead of that mad rush as you would have from a day care centre.

A Nanny Agency Sydney, Northern Beaches, North Shore, Eastern Suburbs Wollongong, Illawarra and Blue Mountains Families Can Count on


At Dummies and Playdates Nanny and Babysitting Agency we strive to recruit professional nannies and babysitters across Metropolitan Sydney and surrounding suburbs.

To find out about our other services.


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