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Find Nannies-Babysitters Sydney | Dummies and Playdates Nanny and Babysitting Agency | Nanny | Babysitter | Sydney

Find Nannies-Babysitters Sydney | Dummies and Playdates Nanny and Babysitting Agency | Nanny | Babysitter | Sydney

Find Nannies-Babysitters Sydney
Questions families have asked about hiring a babysitter or nanny

Q. Do I get the same babysitter every time I book?

A. You can request the same babysitter for each booking.

Sometimes the babysitter you love may not be available.

If this is the case Dummies and Playdates will check with you before we book another babysitter in for you.

It is always good to have a couple of babysitters just in case the one you want is not available.

Q. How many children can the babysitter care for in one sitting?

A. Dummies and Playdates wants to make sure your children are well looked after, so we abide by the childcare ratio of 1 to 4 children under 3 yrs.

This will be at the discretion of the agency.

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Q. Does Dummies and Playdates and Blue Mountains Nannies pay the Babysitter or Nanny?

A. No.

Dummies and Playdates and Blue Mountains Nannies do not pay any babysitter or nanny.

We are only a employment agency and the family are solely responsible for paying the babysitter at the end of each shift directly.

Q. Do the Nannies and Babysitters have their own ABN?

A. Yes.

Most of our babysitters and nannies do have their own ABN and work for us as contractors.

Q. What if we are holding a corporate event and would like to hire a number of babysitters and nannies.

Would we  also need to pay the babysitter ourselves or can you email a tax invoice out to us, so we can pay for the required amount of babysitters via the agency?

A. Yes.

We can arrange a tax invoice for the babysitters you have booked for your corporate event directly to the agency.

This will need to be paid 7 days after receiving our invoice and before the start date of your event.

The babysitters who will attend your event will all hold an ABN and will be contractors.

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Q. What if the nanny or babysitter needs to use her own vehicle to transport children around.

Do we need to pay for the fuel?

A. If you need the nanny or babysitter to use their own car then the rate is at $0.75 per kilometer (this amount is updated regularly by the ATO).

This will depend on the size of the nanny or babysitter’s car.

For more information on kilometres please go to the ATO.

Find the rate per kilometre for all work related trips.

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Q. Do I get a refund if the agency can’t find us a babysitter?

A. Yes.

Dummies and Playdates and Blue Mountains Nannies will issue a refund if we can’t fill the booking.

Once the booking has been confirmed and the babysitter is booked then the booking fee is  non-refundable.

Please go to our Terms and Conditions as well as our Placement, Refund and Deposit Booking Fee Policies, more details regarding refunds please see our Refund Policies.

(All casual babysitting bookings are now done via our online booking forms at checkout we do not take credit card numbers this is paid at time of submitting your form via our PayPal link).

Q. Can we book a babysitter online without having to call the agency?

A. Yes.

All you need to do is pop over to our online booking form and pay the requirement booking fee.

Once we have received your online booking form and the correct payment for the booking we will contact you to let you know who we have booked in for you.

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Q. How does Dummies and Playdates screen the candidates?

A. Dummies and Playdates personally interview all our candidates.

Either with a face to face interview or via Skype.

Where we discuss the candidate’s qualifications and review all documents, including drivers licence, Medicare card, and passport.

All candidates will have to hold a current working with children check, a current police check, current applied first aid and an updated cpr cert.

After we have checked and spoken to 2 or 3 references from the candidates resume and everything has come back clear then and only then do we place them on our books.

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Q. How long does it take for a nanny to be placed with a family?

A. This all depends on the type of nanny you request.

It may only take from as little as 1 to 2 days or can be up to 6 weeks to place a nanny with your family.

If we do need to advertise your position then it could take up to 6 weeks, again this will depend on the applicants we receive.

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Q. What insurance do I need to have?

A. Families that employ a nanny or a domestic cleaner will need to have the Domestic Workers Compensation Insurance for New South Wales, or the state you live in.

Or you can contact an Insurance Broker who will be only too happy to help with this matter.

You may want your nanny or domestic cleaner to hold their own insurance this is easy for them to do or you may want to include it in your nanny package through Nanny Sure Insurance Finsura

This can be paid in a lump sum or over 12 monthly payments which ever suits your family and the nanny.

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Q. Is there a nanny payroll company that would be able to paid  the nanny for us?

Or do we need to arrange this ourselves?

A. Yes.

We can recommend a nanny payroll company called Domestic Payroll.

Who we have found to be excellent and very helpful.

They will either do the salary for you or will show you how to do it yourself.

It is really easy, check them out to find out more about Domestic Payroll

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ATO Regulations:

Q. What are our obligations and responsibilities as an employer?

A. All families that employ a nanny have to comply with the ATO regulations in regards to employees.

At Dummies and Playdates do not paid your Nanny or Babysitter. We are only an Employment and Placement Agency.

The families who have hired the nanny will become their employer and will be responsible for all wages, taxes and superannuation.

Employing a nanny:

Employing a nanny may prove to be a convenient and a more cost effective option for your family then childcare.

Some of our nannies and babysitters do have their own ABN Number who may want to look after their own tax and superannuation obligations.

However you may need to take over these responsibilities as an employer and by law, there are some obligations that need to be met.

Australian Taxation Office:

You are required by law to register with the Australian Taxation Office and to enter the PAYG system to withhold tax from your nanny wage

According to the Australian Taxation Office:

You will need to

Under Pay As You Go (PAYG) withholding.

You may be required to withhold amounts from payments you make to your household employees, such as nannies or housekeepers.

The amounts withheld are sent to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

You will need to withhold amounts where you make a payment of salary or wages to an employee.

If you are not sure whether your worker is an employee or contractor refer to Taxation Ruling 2000/14 or the brochure Status of the worker.

PAYG Withholding
  • Register for PAYG Withholding
  • Register your employees Tax File Number with the ATO
  • Deduct PAYG Withholding and add 9.25% superannuation. (Superannuation is an obligation only when a nanny or a domestic works more than 30 hours per week).
  • The employment contract is between the family and the nanny or the domestic cleaner.

Dummies and Playdates is happy to assist but it is better to seek more information from the Australian Tax Office, or a lawyer and accountant.

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Q. Can Dummies and Playdates and Blue Mountains Nannies help me with a nanny or domestic contract?

A. Yes.

Dummies and Playdates and our sister agency Blue Mountains Nannies can supply you with a contract.

But we advise that you have a lawyer look over it before you or the nanny sign it.

You can always change the contract to fit your family and your lifestyle.

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Q. Can families register with the Australian Nanny Association, or is it just for Nannies?

A. Yes.

Families are welcomed to join and support the Australian Nanny Association the Association is here to support Nannies as well as Families.

Q. Is Dummies and Playdates Nanny and Babysitter Agency a Registered ANA Agency Member.

And does your agency abide by the Policies and Code of Conduct of the ANA.

A. Yes.

Dummies and Playdates are very proud agency members of the Australian Nanny Association.

And abide by the ANA’s Constitutions and Policies.

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