Corporate Sleep Consultations

Corporate Sleep Consultations | Dummies and Playdates | Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultations | Sydney | Australia Wide

Corporate Sleep Consultations | Dummies and Playdates | Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultations | Sydney | Australia Wide

Corporate Sleep Consultations:

Our Corporate Sleep Consultations are great if you work in an office or have a corporate space.

Do you chat at lunch time about your little ones sleep problems.

Have you often thought if only we could have a sleep consult come to the office to give a talk about baby and toddler sleep settling tricks and tips.

If you have thought or talked about this – then this consultation is the one for you.

Let Dummies and Playdates arrange our certified sleep consultant to visit you at work.

All you need to do is check to see if the company you work for is happy to have us there.

If they are then you are on your way to gaining the sleep you need.

Your check list will be 
  • Somewhere that is quiet for the meeting to take place
  • Make sure you have enough chairs and tables to sit everyone comfortably
  • Make a time that suits the others that are interested in attending – this may be either at morning tea or lunch time.
  • Get the numbers together so you have the min number required to make this a success.
  • Make sure everyone has a pen and paper to take down notes and tips.
  • Send out the invitations or emails to let everyone know the dates and times and of course the cost.
  • Make sure everyone has rsvp and paid the event ticket price before the day.

With this type of meeting/talk we do require a min of around 8 people to make it a success.

We will issue you with an invitation so you can email your work colleagues with all information as well we will set up an event ticket or booking system so your colleagues are able to book and pay.

These events are a great way to receive all the tips and tricks our sleep consult knows.

There will also be a section at the end of the meeting where questions can be answered but these will need to be limited to one question per person and will can only be an simple answer.

At these meetings you can also book in a sleep consultation for a more in depth consult in the privacy in your own home.

Our corporate sleep consultations will run for 60 minutes with a question and answer time at the end if able.


Cost may vary depending on the location, number of people and what the topic is.

For all pricing and costs for this type of consultation please contact us to find out more.

To book your meeting call us on 0412791528 or you may like to fill in our online booking form


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