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Nanny – Babysitters – Sydney – Blue Mountains 
Need a Nanny Job – Find a Nanny – Sydney – Blue Mountains
Thank you for joining our team
Dummies and Playdates and our sister agency
Blue Mountains Nannies
look forward to being able to work with you.
Nanny Agency Babysitters

Dummies and Playdates®  and our sister agency Blue Mountains Nannies thanks you for popping by.

If you could please take a few minutes to read through our Nanny Agency Babysitters and Domestic’s Terms and Conditions,

as well as the Nannies Code of Conduct including the Nannies Code of Practice.

We understand there are a few documents to read but that is all part of registering with a Nanny Agency, as with all Nanny Agencies we rely on honesty and trust not only with the girls but also with the clients.

Dummies and Playdates Nanny and Babysitting Agency (formally known as Helping Hands Nanny and Babysitting Agency) and Blue Mountains Nannies will help all Nannies – Babysitters – Domestic Cleaners in regards to information of career development courses. Nanny Insurance Cover, Australian Nanny Association Memberships

with interview tips as well as writing a current detailed nanny resume from the links on our nanny paages with detailed instructions or directions for each interview and a solid briefing.

On each position which the agency sends a candidate out to be interviewed. 

Dummies and Playdates and Blue Mountains will only submit, a Nanny – Babysitters – or Domestic Cleaner 

for jobs who have adequate experience and qualifications.

Nanny Agency Babysitters – Sydney – Blue Mountains

Dummies and Playdates® and Blue Mountains Nannies do not pay any nanny, babysitter or domestic cleaner on our books.

This is up to the client to pay directly to the carer at the end of every shift if you babysit or each week if you are a nanny.

The only time that we may pay you, is with all our corporate functions and or events.

We will inform you at the time of booking you so you know how you will be paid.

If  you are working for us with any corporate event or function, you will may need to obtain an ABN and then invoice the agency 

for  the  amount  you  worked, including start time, name of event,  hours and rate of pay including your ABN. 

This invoice will need to be submitted before 5pm of each Thursday to be paid on Friday of each week.

Once we receive your invoice we will pay into your nominated bank account this may take up to 7 working days to go in.

Once you have read through the following and are happy to continue, and you have all the required documents

or you are in the process of obtaining them.

Please pop on over and fill in our online registration forms.

Nanny Agency Babysitters Sydney Blue Mountains
Please check you have:

Completed a registration form

Contacted the agency to arrange either Skype or Face to Face interview

Hold a current Working With Children Check and all required documents

Have all the appropriate visa’s to work in Australia as a Nanny or Babysitter and have at least 12 months left on your visa to work.

We have written up some points that you will need to remember with all bookings:

These will also make up part of your Term’s and Condition’s

Nanny Agency Babysitters Sydney Blue Mountains
Referring Clients to you:

When a client contacts us to book a nanny, babysitter or domestic cleaner, we like to be able to fill this position as soon as possible.

So the client is not left waiting for hours wondering if she will have that sitter or nanny that she needs, we try to

fill our bookings in under half an hour or less.

Once we have received the booking we will then either call or text a number of sitters on our books,

with the suburb, time, date, number and ages of children and the pay rate as well as the min of hours you are required to work.

Most times it will be via text as we do send the booking out to a number of girls at once.

We find this the quickest way of handling bookings within the shortest amount of time,

your text will also include if this is a corporate or private booking and who will pay you.

Communicating with a client:

For all casual babysitting, domestic or nanny placement, each as defined in our T and C’s and you have signed and agreed to.

Once you have received the text and you are happy to take the booking, you only need to text us back with a yes or I am happy to do it.

We will text you the clients details you require for the booking, once you have received this text,

you will need to text us back asap, so we know you have received the booking details an o.k is perfect.

You are then required to call the client within 24 hours of the booking or if the booking is a last minute booking,

then as soon as you have received all the booking details to say hi and confirm.

All clients are told at time of booking that a sitter will call them to confirm within a set number of hours or days.

For a permanent nanny placement, as defined in our T and C’s that you have read, signed and  agreed to.

Your resume will be sent out to the client to review. If the client decides to go ahead with an interview,

you will be booked to attend an interview with the client.

At a time and date you both mutually agreed upon, whether the client wants to engage you and you would like

 to accept the placement this will be decided by both you and the client.

We will speak to the client and then inform you if you were accepted for the placement position.

We can then help you with any forms or information you may need.

How are you paid
Casual placements:

The client will pay you directly for your work at the hourly rate that was agreed upon by the agency and the client.

Payment is due at the end of each shift and is paid directly to you by the client,

unless the agency has told you otherwise this would be mostly for all corporate functions and events.

For all casual babysitting bookings there is a min amount of hours you are required to work.

If a client does return within the required amount of hours, they are to pay you for the required amount of hours,

as discussed by the client and the agency, if for whatever reason there is a problem.

You do need to contact the agency asap so we can help you address the problem.

Permanent placements:

The client will pay you directly for your work, at the hourly rate agreed upon at the start of the placement

and as set out in the clients registrations forms.

Payment is due at the end of each week, unless you and the client have agreed upon a different time frame of  payment.

At the time of your interview or discussed later after your start date.

Corporate placements:

a) For all corporate babysitting functions or events. Payment is due after you have finished the shift

and is paid to you directly by the client.

b) Or the agency has informed you they will be paying you. If this is the case you will need to issue the agency with a tax invoice from the agency. 

That includes your ABN, your name, date of booking, time of booking, amount of hours you worked,

rate of pay that was agreed upon at time of booking and the total owing to you including the event or corporate name.

This will need to be emailed to the agency. No later then 5pm Thursday of each week.

Once the agency has received your tax invoice they will endeavor to pay you within 7 working days after it has been received,

or Friday of each week upon receipt of invoice.

Invoicing Clients:

Once in a while a client will ask you for an invoice for the amount they have paid you for the booking.

It is always good to carry an tax invoice book to all bookings.

You would then provide the client with a tax invoice that complies with the Australian Taxation Office Guidelines. 

Released from time to time, including your ABN (if applicable) and a description of the services you provided.

Legal Relationship, Tax and Insurance:

As a babysitter, nanny or domestic cleaner you are employed directly by the client who made the booking. 

Depending on the  structure of the placement or the booking between yourself and the client. 

You (the nanny, babysitter or domestic cleaner) and or the client may be responsible. 

For any and all payment of superannuation, taxation, insurance and other responsibilities. 

That may arise out of the relationship as employer and employee or between you and the client.

Dummies and Playdates Nanny Agency is a Referral Agency only. We do not pay you.

You are not employed by the agency. All nannies, babysitters, domestic cleaners

that are on our books are contractors only. 

From time to time Dummies and Playdates® Nanny Agency and Blue Mountains Nannies.

May hire you to work for us on a one of booking with a corporate client, event or function. 

At these times you are to obtain a ABN if you don’t already have one. 

And invoice the agency with a tax invoice with all required details, agency will issue you with an agency invoice. 

Invoices must be received by the agency no later then 5pm Thursday of each week. 

Payment will be made within 7 working days from receipt of this invoice or Friday of each week.

This Agreement is incorporated into our Terms and Conditions, and includes all our

Agreements and or Policies relating to Dummies and Playdates® Nanny and Babysitting Agency or Diane Carter Pty and or Blue Mountains Nannies or any other service or business that comes under the Dummies and Playdates® banner.

This Agreement does not create a partnership, joint venture, agency or employer-employee relationship between us. 

Dummies and Playdates® is not responsible for any and all payment or payments, of superannuation, taxation, insurance and other responsibilities for you. 

You are not entitled to any superannuation, taxation or insurance payments by Dummies and Playdates®

You (the nanny, babysitter and or domestic cleaner and or client), are responsible for the payment

of all taxes, fees, charges, insurance and other imposts, that apply to your performance of any and all services you provide. 

We have no liability to you in this regard.

You (the nanny, babysitter and or domestic cleaner and or client).

Indemnify us against any such taxes, fees, charges and any other imposts, excluding any income tax payable by us. 

Dummies and Playdates® recommend that you obtain your own insurance. 

As required for your industry and services, including public liability insurance if required, this may also include Nanny Insurance.

Cancellation Policy and Fee

If a booking is cancelled the same day as the scheduled commencement time. 

The client is liable to pay you for the min amount of hours agreed upon by the client and the agency at time of booking. 

With a min amount of hours range from 3 to 4 hours at the agreed  hourly rate.

If your booking is cancelled once you arrive, the client is then liable to pay you.

At the time with a min amount of hours at the set rate at time of booking.

If for some reason you do have a problem you will need to contact the agency asap,

or before you leave so as to make sure you receive your payment.

The client may agree to pay you via the agency with the card that is on file for the. 

If this is the case you will be credited into your bank account asap by the agency.

*The agency can not guarantee the client will honour this agreement – the agency will strive to recoup your wage*


You warrant to us as follows:

All the information you have provided to us is true, accurate and complete. 

You (the nanny, babysitter and or domestic cleaner). 

Will comply with any reasonable directions given to you by Dummies and Playdates. 

From time to time, including written in our Code of Conduct that we provide to you. 

There are no legal restrictions preventing you from performing all childcare related duties. 

Or services you have undertaken to perform including that where relevant. 

You have all appropriate visa’s to work in Australia as a carer. 

You (the nanny, babysitter and or domestic cleaner) will act lawfully. 

And will comply with any applicable laws, regulations, industry codes of conduct and

Australian standards in performing all services. 

In performing all your services you will act with due care, honesty and skill. 

You will not infringe any third party rights or violate any other agreement. 

By performing the services as written into your Terms and Conditions and your Code of Conduct Nanny Policies

If applicable, you have obtained a valid ABN which the agency has on your file.

If applicable, you are registered for GST purposes.

Nanny Agency Babysitters Sydney Blue Mountains
Exclusivity and Restraint:

You as a nanny, babysitter, carer or domestic cleaner may engage,

in other work during the term of this Agreement with Dummies and Playdates® Nanny Agency. 

Provided it does not conflict with your obligations under this Agreement.

If you are contacted by any third party, friend or family member of a client who was introduced to you,

by Dummies and Playdates® Nanny Agency, or a third party be it a friend or family member who was introduced by the client. 

Then you must refer the person to Dummies and Playdates to book your services and you must contact the agency asap. 

If you do not comply, you are then liable to pay and you agree to pay to Dummies and Playdates. 

The fee’s the client or third party, friend or family member would have paid Dummies and Playdates. 

To book your services and you may be held liable and may be taken off our books immediately.

You (the nanny, babysitter and or domestic cleaner) agree that you will not. 

During the term of this Agreement and for a period of twelve months

following termination of this Agreement, directly or indirectly: 

Compete with Dummies and Playdates® Nanny and Babysitting Agency or any, other business under the Dummies and Playdates® Blue Mountains Nannies banner or any other businesses operated and owned under the banner of Dummies and Playdates® or Diane Carter Pty Ltd

By entering into business arrangements with any customers or clients or family members or friends of clients or customers. 

Or seek to entice, induce, procure or otherwise convince any of Dummies and Playdates® employees or,

contractors into leaving our employment to join you (or any of your associates).

In order to compete with or against Dummies and Playdates® and Blue Mountains or any other services similar to

Dummies and Playdates®.


You will provide services at a location provided by the client, this will usually be at the clients home.

But sometimes it may be at a function, event, venue, party, wedding or funeral.

If for whatever reason you have any concerns about safety or cleanliness. 

Including your personal safety please call us asap or ring 000 if it is life threatening.


Dummies and Playdates Nanny and Babysitting Agency will offer only on request. 

Help with conflict resolution between the Client or Family and the Nanny,

Babysitter or Domestic Cleaner the Agency has placed.


Dummies and Playdates Nanny and Babysitting Agency will operate an equal opportunities policy. 

And will not discriminate on grounds of race, religion or sex.

Further information – Nanny Agency Babysitters Sydney Blue Mountains

For more information please contact the agency.

All nannies, babysitter’s and or domestic cleaners will receive on acceptance into our agency.

Copies of all of the agencies terms and conditions and policies.

Nanny Agency Babysitters – Nanny Agency Babysitters – Sydney – Blue Mountains Nannies

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