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Wedding Nannies | Babysitters | Sydney | Blue Mountains | Dummies and Playdates | Blue Mountains Nannies

Wedding Nannies – Babysitters – Sydney – Blue Mountains

Dummies and Playdates and our sitter agency in Blue Mountains Nannies

can help find your wedding nannies and or babysitters for your wedding.

Do you have children attending your wedding and you would like a few nannies

to help make the children feel special?

We can come to help at the event or are happy to take the children

or child back in their hotel rooms to make sure the children are safe if they are not attending.

Our nannies and or babysitters are happy to help you or your guests either at your own home or your guests hotel room, while you or they get ready for your big event they can take your little or big ones out so you can settle back and enjoy getting dressed

or our nannies are also happy to help the children get ready and can even take them to the church

if needed or just to the dinner function to help with meals or even feeding young babies or just helping out where needed while your guest enjoy dinner or a dance.

Or our babysitters are also happy to take the children back either to the hotel room or

back home for you or for your guest so they can stay on to enjoy the rest of the wedding while knowing

the little ones are back safe at home or in the hotel room, sleeping in warm beds – being looked after in a save and warm environment until ready to return to take over or what about having the nannies stay over as a sleepover.

Our nannies can also sleep over if that is what you are looking at so you can

then sleep in the next morning – knowing the kids are being looked after by your sleepover nanny -heaven.

Call us on 0412791528 to have a chat about your requirements now.

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