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Baby Sleep Consulting | Diane Carter Founder and Owner of Dummies and Playdates | Sydney Wide

Baby Sleep Consulting | Diane Carter Founder | Dummies and Playdates | Sydney Nannies | Babysitters | Sydney Wide

Diane Carter – Founder and Baby Sleep Consulting

Diane is a mum and a grandmother who started her Nanny Career back in 1988.

When a very well know nanny agency was just starting out.

And was only been opened 2.5 years.

When Diane was registered on their books – they are now a very well respected agency.

Diane learnt from the best of these agency 30 years ago.


On how to be a professional nanny and has now brought that knowledge and insight into her own agency, she opened  2.5 years ago.

Diane has worked and lived in the Eastern Suburbs for all of her Nanny Career

Including the North Shore

Diane does understand what families want and need from their nannies and babysitters.

And can help steer the family in finding the right nanny for their needs.

Diane moved out to the Macarthur area a few years ago.

While still commuting to Balmain, Eastern Suburbs and the North Shore.

She realized that parents and family’s in the local Macarthur area only had access to day care, family or friends.

Or worst still data bases.

These are just sites where people put up their profile looking for work.

Without going through all the required checks that a family needs.

Nanny Agency:

This is where a professional agency comes in.

We will do the hard work for you and verify all checks as required by law.


Most families don’t realize.

That if you are looking for a housekeeper only.

And you have children around while the housekeeper is there.

The housekeeper is not allowed to be left alone with your children if they don’t have a working with children check and first aid.

This is where a professional nanny agency can help you.

Dummies and Playdates will not place a nanny or babysitter on our books.

Without first verifying and checking all documents.

Nanny and Babysitters

Do you need a nanny or babysitter from an agency you can trust.

Look no further.

This is where Dummies & Playdates Nanny & Babysitting Agency.

(formerly know as Helping Hands Nanny & Babysitting Agency) comes in.

We are a full service nanny and babysitting agency.

That offers many services to help with your busy life throughout Sydney and beyond.

Baby Sleep Consulting

We are now offering Baby and Toddler Sleep Consulting

Baby Sleep Consulting

Diane’s profile photo taken by Marions Photographics

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