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Nannies Babysitters Sydney | Nanny | Babysitter | Dummies and Playdates Nanny Agency | Find A Nanny | Sydney Wide

Nannies Babysitters Sydney | Nanny | Babysitter | Dummies and Playdates Nanny Agency | Find A Nanny | Sydney Wide

Nannies Babysitters Sydney
Sydney Nannies

Met our founder Diane Carter who has had over 30 years experience in the nanny industry as a private nanny most of this time she has worked in the Eastern Suburbs including the North Shore.

Diane opened Dummies and Playdates® in 2012 in the Macarthur Area.

Nannies Babysitters Sydney 

When she realized that the Great South West was in need of another type of childcare.

Families were struggling to find another childcare option that didn’t involve long day care or facebook sitters.

These parents didn’t have help from extended families or grandparents and this is how Dummies and Playdates® started.

We offer a variety of different services to all areas of Sydney.

Sydney Nannies From Wollongong to the Blue Mountains and in between, including Orange.

Our Sydney nannies and babysitters can help you when you need it the most and are happy to step in when you can’t.

From a 4 hour block per shift to a full day, a week, 12 months or more.

All casual babysitting bookings are now done via our online booking forms & also are paid at time of booking

Via our online PayPal link once you have submitted your forms it will take you directly to our PayPal Payment Link where you then pay via a credit credit.

If you have booked a casual babysitter and we are not able to fill your booking, your booking fee will be refunded asap via PayPal

(this may take a few days to show up in your account from PayPal):

For a more permanent nanny, the agency requires a deposit registration fee of $100 (excludes gst)

to start your search this is due at time of submitting your online registration forms and is non refundable.

Once you have chosen your nanny, let our Sydney Nanny or Nannies help make your life easier.

Our placement fee is payable within 7 business days after you have accepted our nanny.

We cater for a variety of placements from permanent, short-term, full-time, part-time and or casual placements.

Specializing in the following services:

Nannies, Mother’s Help, Overnight Nannies and Babysitter’s.

Wedding and Funeral Nannies and Babysitters.

Corporate, Party and Event Nannies or Babysitters.

Bringing Families and Carers Together

 Looking for a nanny agency you can trust

Look no further then Dummies and Playdates 

We are for families.

Nannies Babysitters Sydney

Sydney Nanny-Nannies

Nannies Babysitters Eastern Suburbs

Nannies Babysitters Blue Mountains

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