Yummy Mummy Pregnancy Cookies

Yummy Mummy Pregnancy Cookies | Dummies and Playdates | Sydney

Yummy Mummy Pregnancy Cookies | Dummies and Playdates | Sydney

Pregnancy Cookies by Yummy Mummy Food Company
Yummy Mummy Pregnancy Cookies
Pregnancy Cookies | Morning Sickness | Nausea Remedy:

Pregnancy Cookies

Containing all natural ingredients like ginger and chia seeds.

May also assist in reducing the effects of morning sickness.

And many of the other not-so-comfortable effects of pregnancy.

These cookies though may also assist anyone pregnant.

Or not who suffers from nausea, indigestion or other sensitive stomach conditions.

Pregnancy Cookies:

From Totally Devoted are both delicious and loaded with.

Benefits for expecting mums suffering morning sickness or anyone looking for a nausea remedy.

Containing a unique selection of natural herbs and ingredients.

Reputed to help reduce the effects of morning sickness and many of the.

Other not-so-comfortable pregnancy symptoms.

We’ve included both ginger and chia seeds in the Pregnancy Cookie.

That may assist with some of the unique nutritional needs of a pregnant mum. 

There are endless reasons why ginger is great to have in our pregnancy cookie.

It’s been traditionally used and known to relieve nausea, heartburn.

Motion sickness, migraine relief and may even also aid cold and flu prevention. 

Chia seeds are nutritious, packed with protein and calcium making them fabulous for the pregnant mother.

They are rich in boron which is reputed to help your body to assimilate the calcium.

They are high in Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, iron, niacin and zinc.


Brown sugar, coconut oil, rolled oats (13%).

Buckwheat flour, ground linseeds (13%), cinnamon (0.8%).

Chia seeds (1.4%), Himalayan mineral salt, baking soda, ginger extract (0.4%).

To order you Yummy Mummy Cookies email or call us and we will be only to happy to post some out to you.

Postage and handling will be extra.

Or you can also pick up from out office in Macarthur.

$14.95 plus postage and handling

Email or Call 0412791528 to order.

Pregnancy Cookies by Yummy Mummy Cookies

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