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Yummy Mummy Breastfeeding Cookies | The Yummy Mummy Food Company | Dummies and Playdates | Sydney

Yummy Mummy Breastfeeding Cookies | The Yummy Mummy Food Company | Dummies and Playdates | Sydney

The Yummy Mummy Breastfeeding Cookies


Lactation Cookies | Breastfeeding Cookies | Breast feeding Cookies:

Contain all natural ingredients like fenugreek and fennel plus more. 

Which are reputed to help you increase your breastmilk naturally>

And help promote healthy lactation for breastfeeding mums.

Product Description:

Lactation cookies from Totally Devoted contain all natural ingredients.

Reputed to help you increase your breast milk naturally! 

These little cookies are packed full of a unique selection of natural herbs and wholesome ingredients.

That may help towards promoting healthy lactation for breast feeding mums.

Both Fenugreek and Fennel are included in this tasty recipe.

As these are both well known galactagogues (lactation promoting ingredients). 

And have been traditionally used for many years as a herbal remedy to encourage healthy lactation. 

They may stimulate milk flow and are also reputed to counteract infant colic.

Totally Devoted Lactation Cookies are preservative, wheat and dairy free.

While still being delicious and nourishing – there’s benefit in every bite for you and your baby!

“Your lactation cookies tasted great!

Not too sweet, but a nice treat which was easy to eat 3 a day without feeling sickly.

I’ve had a noticeable difference in milk supply after only one week!” – Kate G. (Dietician)

Q. How many Lactation Cookies should I have a day to improve my milk supply?

A. We suggest that if you are having problems with lactation you have three a day.

For the first few days and then one a day should be sufficient.

This should be done in combination with all the other advice your health practitioner has given you.

Such as regular feedings from both breasts and the use of a breast pump.


Brown sugar, buckwheat flour, coconut oil, rolled oats (13%).

Ground lindseed (13%), cinnamon (0.9%), herbal extracts (0.8%), (fenugreek, fennel).

Baking soda, Himalayan mineral salt.

Lactation Cookies (Feeding Cookies):

Breastfeeding cookies contain a wholesome mix of oats, linseeds.

Coconut oil, buckwheat flour and cinnamon to help support your breastfeeding journey.


Provide dietary fibre to help relieve constipation, which is very helpful for a lot of pregnant women. 

It’s a good source of essential vitamins such as thiamine, folic acid, biotin and vitamin e.

Oats also have a low glycemic index which means they may help you have longer lasting energy!


Contain omega 3 essential fatty acids which may help prevent.

Excess biochemicals that the body produces under stress. Making it great for busy parents.

Coconut oil 

Is dairy and wheat free. It contains lauric acid which is a medium chain fatty acid.

Mothers’ milk also contains lauric acid so how great is that for a lactation cookie!

It’s also reputed to be antifungal, antiviral and anti microbial. 

Another great attribute for a breastfeeding mother and it’s great for your hair and skin as well.

Buckwheat flour 

Is high in b vitamins, lysine, phosphorus, magnesium.

Iron, zinc and cooper. It’s also high in fibre.

It contains the eight essential amino acids.

It’s a rich supply of flavonoids and best of all its gluten free!

* contains gluten from oats. May contain traces of nuts*

** If you are concerned about your breast milk supply or your baby’s health. 

Always seek help from a health care provider.

*** Lactation consultants, breastfeeding counsellors.

Specialist nurses like child health nurses or doctors can also help.

With any breastfeeding questions or concerns you may have.

The Australian Breastfeeding Association is also a great resource for information and support.

lactation cookie ingredients

Totally Devoted Yummy Mummy Breastfeeding Cookies | The Yummy Mummy Food Company | Dummies and Playdates | Sydney

Totally Devoted in New Zealand have worked hard to develop the unique recipes.

For the cookie range we make available to you here in Australia.

And are understandably proud of the uniquely formulated mix of lactation cookie.

Ingredients in particular, which are reputed to help support mums and their families’ health needs.

All our cookies are based upon a wholesome mix of oats, linseeds.

Coconut oil, buckwheat flour and cinnamon and are all wheat.

Dairy & 100% preservative free, while at the same time still having long best before use dates.

$14.95 plus postage and handling

Email or Call 0412791528 to order now.

Yummy Mummy Breastfeeding Cookies

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